Managing with Aloha’s Learning Landscape: “Know well”

The value of learning might very well be prime example of a value that most of us share, for learning is also a human being’s survival skill. What differs between us, is how much this value reaches into our lives above pure survival — above those hierarchy levels Maslow called our physiological needs (survival), safety […]

What does ‘Ohana mean to you?

There are three things I immediately associate with the value of ‘Ohana whenever I think about it, and within the context of our Managing with Aloha practice: Form and function; i.e. how ‘Ohana is “the human circle of Aloha.” There are so many comforts within that circle! Inclusiveness is not just for families. Form can […]

Conversational Catch-up ~ with Aloha

A good finish, is a great lead-in. January can feel like a rather odd month for me, and for my SLC coworkers and partners. It’s odd in that business wise, we’re likely to be working on a few December remainders though most everyone else is eagerly zooming into the new year. We’ve been on our […]

Honor Your Survivors, Part II

The Results of our Lesson Plan When I suggest journaling or self-coaching exercises to you, you can bet that I’m doing them too. So I tackled the one presented in Honor Your Survivors as my weekend project. It was great! To review the exercise suggestion: “Rewrite these five lessons into manageMEANT lessons. What can these […]

Honor Your Survivors

Preface: In the dawning of a brand new year, many of us enjoy looking ahead, and mapping out new projects. I’m feeling some déjà vu here… May I suggest a way we are well advised to slow down? As those who follow my finds and photos on Ho‘ohana Aloha can attest to, gardening is a […]

The Real Rules of Engagement (Redux)

“Yet ‘balance’ hasn’t slipped completely out of our vocabulary.” — Balance, 2014. In my final publishing of that posting, I discovered there were so many Managing with Aloha verbing tags a balancing act can pertain to, even after I tried to narrow them down. Did you notice all of them in the post footer? Let’s […]

Just 5 Over the Holidays, 2013

Look Back, to Go Forward in a better way. Many business coaches will tell you to ramp up your business focus now, for this is a time when most of the world slows down business-wise and you can seize those curtailed attention opportunities to competitive advantage. That has never been my approach, for much as […]