Winter Readiness for Alaka‘i Managers

On this, our Sunday Mālama for the final day of November 2014, let’s nalu from our feasting ‘thanks’ to the ‘giving.’ This is a post to include in the manager’s self-coaching toolkit, a bring-back from last year, for I’d heard from several managers that this emphasis on readiness had helped them. The idea is to ease […]

1 Book, 10 Years, and the Thriving Aloha of Grassroots Work

Let’s celebrate all our good work! We’ll be having cake with our morning coffee at Say Leadership Coaching. Can you join us? Hau‘oli lā hānau – Happy Birthday Managing with Aloha! Today is Managing with Aloha’s 10th birthday: Its’ official publication date as registered with the Library of Congress, was November 19, 2004. Wow… 10 […]

An Attitude of Scarcity or an Expectation of Abundance: Choose Palena ‘ole

There is an attitude of scarcity in Hawai‘i election season campaigning which is very distressing to me. We mostly hear it connected to those “ballot initiatives” which are proposed amendments to the State Constitution or County Charter(s) — proposals we can vote on. In that campaigning, whether by candidate or special interest group, we are […]

On November 4th, your Civic Duty calls. Answer, and answer well.

There is a rather popular saying in Hawai‘i right now, and it goes like this: “No vote, no grumble.” What mostly happens however, sad to say, is that people don’t vote, yet keep grumbling. Hawai‘i has a terrible track record with voter registration and voter turn-out, however we’re very good at talking story when it […]

Managing with Aloha’s Learning Landscape: “Know well”

The value of learning might very well be prime example of a value that most of us share, for learning is also a human being’s survival skill. What differs between us, is how much this value reaches into our lives above pure survival — above those hierarchy levels Maslow called our physiological needs (survival), safety […]

What does ‘Ohana mean to you?

There are three things I immediately associate with the value of ‘Ohana whenever I think about it, and within the context of our Managing with Aloha practice: Form and function; i.e. how ‘Ohana is “the human circle of Aloha.” There are so many comforts within that circle! Inclusiveness is not just for families. Form can […]

Conversational Catch-up ~ with Aloha

A good finish, is a great lead-in. January can feel like a rather odd month for me, and for my SLC coworkers and partners. It’s odd in that business wise, we’re likely to be working on a few December remainders though most everyone else is eagerly zooming into the new year. We’ve been on our […]