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Aloha, and welcome to Managing with Aloha Central, the site we think of as sequel to Managing with Aloha, the book, serving its can-do workplace philosophy as on-the-web headquarters.

We have been talking story online since 2004, and this site presents our third design evolution, featuring my best resource pages for your self-coaching, and fresh-for-today articles that MWA continues to inspire. I’m thrilled about the way the philosophy has remained relevant for you, while always returning full circle to its basic tenets of values-centered living, working, managing, and leading: the Managing with Aloha philosophy, and its “sensibility for worthwhile work” has served us well.

There is quite a bit here, and I fully understand there can be a learning curve in finding your way around, whether you’re visiting for the first time, or are an old friend who’d been accustomed to our previous designs, so this page is designed to help!

First, do get familiar with the 2 light grey navigation bars atop each page:

  • The bar above our site banner has been used for the web conventions you’re accustomed to: A HOME link, ABOUT pages, and 3 of our key resource pages for the philosophy. It ends with the NEW HERE? link to help you return to this page.
  • The bar below our site banner highlights the 19 VALUES of the MWA philosophy so their definitions will always be easily accessible for you. The last link on that bar goes to our Hawaiian GLOSSARY.

This site is for you: we have chosen not to get too fancy here, choosing reader functionality over razzle-dazzle web wizardry, so no annoying pop-ups! Our site is printer-friendly, and fully mobile responsive, which automatically allows you to read our articles from a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. We’ve kept our Sidebar and Footer consistent on each page as well, so you can count on their ease and predictable placement. Take a moment to look them over and see what they offer.

  1. RECENT ARTICLES. I will usually publish 1 – 3 new articles per week.
  2. There are RESOURCE PAGES which are offered in addition to those atop the site. The Conceptual Index for Managing with Aloha’s lexicon is the newest one to take note of.
  3. Our ARTICLE CATEGORIES are based on our 9 Key Concepts, which we use in 2 ways: a) in business modeling, and b) as our learning explorations.
  4. The SEARCH BOX is very useful, so do take advantage of it! Your searches will be contained to on-this-site results.

Our publishing mission is to have this be a single-site resource for everything about Managing with Aloha. Thus what can get hidden from view are the articles and additional pages the site continues to be populated with. You’ll see that I’ll often give you recommended links on each page, but during your earliest visits here it’s good to feel you’ve started well. No one wants to feel they’ve missed something, I know. So the rest of this page will give you three recommended paths to travel, 5 steps in each.

Thank you for visiting, and for reading. Before you leave us today, please pick up a subscription for our free updates, for like the site itself, they are designed to serve you. Subscribe via RSS or email: Email is usually the preference of managers who use our articles in their workplace huddles, since they can be forwarded and printed so easily.

If I can answer any other questions for you, please write me, or we can talk story here in the comment boxes which appear with each new article posted.

With my aloha,
~ Rosa Say
Postscript: I do try to keep this site about Managing with Aloha, the Alaka‘i Manager, and you. If you would like to know more about me, I invite you to visit

Reading Pathways

Getting Started:
  1. An Aloha Philosophy in Practice: The letter of introduction on our Home Page.
  2. What if I’m not a manager? and other Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. About the Site: a short read, slightly different from this page. I share more of my personal reasons for writing and practicing MWA.
  4. About the Book: Our Core 21 as a preview of Managing with Aloha — the book which is our philosophy bible. This site can best be thought of as the sequel to the book.
  5. A Manager’s Calling: There are managers, and then there are great managers who possess a strong set of beliefs about our humanity.
On Values, The Aloha Spirit, and The Art of Business:
  1. Let’s Define Values: We talk about them a lot here! Why are they so important, and what can they do for us?
  2. The 19 Values of Aloha: Take a quick look – this is a one-page listing for the values on our navigation bar.
  3. What is the Aloha Spirit? It’s you! Inspiration? It’s being In-Spirit. Read about the real meaning of ALOHA.
  4. The 9 Key Concepts: About the double-duty of our learning categories. This will be very helpful to you going forward, as it addresses the day-to-day work of our art in business.
  5. Glossary: In reading about the 9 Key Concepts, you learned about Language of Intention, and know we aren’t learning to speak Hawaiian here. So why a Glossary? Take a quick look.
How We “Work on Work” Here
  1. Talking Story is Thriving. It’s What We Do.  About talking story as the way we communicate.
  2. Ho‘ohana as the value of work (complete book excerpt of Chapter 2): As you learned in the Reading Pathway above, ALOHA and HO‘OHANA are our double-duty champions: They are values and Key Concepts.
  3. ‘Ike loa as the value of learning (complete book excerpt of Chapter 11): This site is a learning resource, so I felt this would be helpful to you. This chapter also includes the story of The Daily 5 Minutes, one of our essential practices in inclusive communication. As we often remind our Alaka‘i Managers, “If you aren’t practicing D5M, you aren’t managing with Aloha.”
  4. Next-stepping and other Verbs: To “work on work” effectively, is to work on our energies, and our approach. This article explains our value-verbing in more detail, as how our practices develop day-to-day.
  5. Managing with Aloha’s Lexicon Morphology: To “walk the talk” of Managing with Aloha, we must first foster and honor the talk. Learn about our Language of Intention.

You should feel at home once you get this far! If you’re a person who likes to continue in a sequential, and orderly way, review the Archive Page next (the link is with our Resource Pages listing in the Sidebar): You’ll easily see where you are.