Coaching us in collaboration and cooperation, Lōkahi is often referred to as the value of teamwork. The word itself translates to “harmony and unity.” People who work together can achieve more in an organization, and Lōkahi teaches us to pursue workplace harmony where individual strengths are recognized, and people value cohesive similarities and also appreciate characteristic differences. Managers are urged to consider pace in Lōkahi, so they can coach and best align individual energy levels as team facilitators.

From Managing with Aloha (Chapter 8 preamble):

Lōkahi seeks the harmony of bringing people to agreement. It is the value of cooperation, collaboration, and unity.
Therefore Lōkahi brings these values to teamwork, defining how those who work within an ‘Ohana in business can be most effective in their collaborative efforts.
Lōkahi gives us a demeanor to strive for in working with our peers in the best possible way. We want their help: many hands (laulima) make the work more pleasant (‘olu‘olu) and they move it along faster. With Lōkahi we can achieve more by working together in harmony with others.
Lōkahi is the value of teamwork in pursuit of synergy.

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