Kākou is the Hawaiian value of inclusiveness. It means “all of us” and “we are in this together.” Kākou is very unifying when applied to language, and all are taught to learn, speak, and practice “the language of we.” Coupled with the value of Lōkahi, Kākou promotes synergy as a habit of creation which seeks additional solutions and alternatives. There is a definite as-spoken-aloud-to-include connotation within the kaona of this value, thus we’ll often refer to Kākou as our value of communication.

From Managing with Aloha (Chapter 9 preamble):

Kākou. All of us together.
Kākou is the language of the ‘Ohana, for it is the language of “we,” and we are in this together. Together we are stronger. We are better.
Managers depend on other people, both peers and employees, to gain their results most effectively, and Kākou teaches us inclusiveness. When we inculcate Kākou into our language we bring life and reality to the words we speak.
We. All of us in the ‘Ohana. We are in this Kākou, together. We have an ‘Ohana in business, wherein the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
No burden, no task, no goal, no mission will be too great when we are Kākou.

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