An Aloha Philosophy in Practice

Managing with Aloha is the name of our philosophy for living a good life with great work. It’s something we practice daily, in living, working, speaking, managing and leading with Aloha. We welcome you to join us.

“Every single day, somewhere in the world, Aloha comes to life.
As it lives and breathes within us, it defines the epitome of sincere, gracious, and intuitively perfect customer service given from one person to another.”
Managing with Aloha,
Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business

This genuine connection is the Aloha Spirit Hawai‘i is known for.

Now imagine if the customer is you, and if the customer service provider is your manager, one who continually shares his or her Aloha Spirit in the coaching and partnership they offer you. This possibility, this liberating reinvention, is one that managers everywhere can and must believe in, demonstrate and sustain if we are to truly thrive at work. Managing with Aloha supports managers who do just that, helping them grow in their possibility-belief and value-intention so they can make worthwhile, meaningful work a reality we all share.

We work on work here, fully understanding how important that is: The work we devote our time and attention to will spill over into every other aspect of our lives. It’s personal, and it’s pervasive, so we work on making it good.

When we Manage with Aloha, we improve the workplace value by value as our how-to and why-to.  If you have selected your workplace based on its alignment with your personal values, you have a good match. The work you do can be the best, most fulfilling work you have ever done: It will be your Ho‘ohana, your purposeful and most passionate work. It will be far more rewarding.

The good health of the Aloha-aligned workplace is waiting for you, your manager, and everyone involved with your organizational culture, and you have arrived at the right place to learn more about making that happen.

Please know I am here to support you. I publish this website to welcome the person who is newly discovering Managing with Aloha for the first time, and to continually be the resource for those who have answered their calling to serve others as they manage and lead. We call these good people Alaka‘i Managers: Alaka‘i is the Hawaiian value of leadership, and those who manage and lead with Aloha are culture-builders.

There’s a lot here, but please, don’t let the word ‘philosophy’ overwhelm you: Having value-fed beliefs is a wonderful thing! It grounds you in comfort and security of a deep self-confidence when the world gets crazy. We have a set of 19 values we learn from, but the practice of managing with Aloha is actually about your values, and tapping into them.

Here is where I’d recommend you start: The first link will give you a good overview and introduce you to Sense of Place, and the second brings you to epicenter, getting to the heart of our efforts. You can bookmark the third one as a jumping off point for each of your return visits: It offers reading road maps designed to help you get comfortable here as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to welcoming you to our Ho‘ohana Community of Managing with Aloha practitioners within one of the conversations we have here. There is an incredible amount of goodness waiting for you to newly discover within your own values.

If I can answer any other questions for you, please write me, or we can converse right here in the comment boxes. Comment moderation will only happen the first time we meet, ticketing you in thereafter — so as we say in our Managing with Aloha language of intention, let’s talk story!

With my aloha,
~ Rosa Say